Kendamil launches goat milk formula in USA

Kendamil launches goat milk formula in USA

A Naturally Gentle Alternative, goat milk formula, exclusively available in Target Stores Nationwide (USA)

As a family-run infant nutrition company – and fastest growing formula brand in the United States – we are proud to introduce a ‘naturally gentle’ Goat Milk Infant and Toddler Formula range to the U.S., launching in Target stores nationwide and online at Target.com.

Until now, U.S. families have lacked natural alternatives to traditional tolerance formulas, which represent over 40% of the of the entire U.S. formula market by spend and are often characterized by ingredients including hydrolyzed proteins, corn syrup, maltodextrin, palm oil and soy oil. Exclusively launching at Target, Kendamil Goat utilizes the unique and scientifically validated properties of goat milk to provide parents a new, naturally gentle option for their babies. Kendamil will disrupt an over-medicalized U.S. formula market with a novel, nutritionally complete alternative catering to infants from birth through to three years-of-age, available nationwide.

A 2022 study by the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine  found that over 30% of formula sold in the United States is using hydrolyzed proteins or is hypoallergenic, while 59% of all formula is lactose reduced. This is despite studies suggesting that just 1 in every 60,000 newborns may be lactose intolerant from birth, while cows’ milk allergy may affect only 2-3% of infants. The study by the University of Rochesterconcluded that “US infants are exposed to unnecessarily high levels of non-lactose carbohydrates and hypoallergenic formula, and this may represent a significant nutritional health risk”. At Kendamil, we’re here to change that.

“Today, over half of all formula sold in the U.S. is lactose-reduced, a shocking statistic. At Kendamil we wish to chart a new path forward – one that uses the best of nature and wholesome ingredients, to help our babies thrive”, said Kendamil CEO and Co-Founder, Ross McMahon. “Families in the U.S. deserve better.”

The unique properties of goat milk allow Kendamil to offer families a natural recipe that is not only gentler on their baby, but one that is naturally closer to breast milk. Goat milk’s unique A2 beta-casein proteins help form softer, looser casein curds in the baby’s stomach, enabling easier digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients. This means Goat formula may offer a gentler, more natural alternative for common infant feeding issues including gas, fussiness, reflux and constipation. Goat milk also contains higher natural levels of selenium (an essential mineral found in breast milk) and up to 10x more oligosaccharides (similar to prebiotics found in breast milk) versus cow’s milk. For years, U.S. parents have sought European-made goat infant formula for their little ones – and as the most searched-for goat formula brand in the U.S., Kendamil is proud to fulfill that need for families nationwide.

“Too many traditional ‘sensitive’ and ‘gentle’ formulas replace the natural benefits of milk fats and lactose with processed corn syrups, palm oil and maltodextrin, while often charging a higher price to families. Kendamil Goat will offer a new alternative for families, a naturally gentle formula that doesn’t compromise on the high-quality, natural ingredients your child deserves”, Ross adds. Although goats’ milk infant formula hasn’t to date been widely available in the United States, it has been an increasingly popular option for families in Europe and the U.K. for several years. In fact, more people drink goat’s milk worldwide than from any other animal (including cows!).

As parents have come to expect from Kendamil, our expert team have married the natural advantages of goat milk with our 60 years’ heritage in crafting the world’s finest infant formulas to design a recipe that raises the bar for tolerance formulas (and goat formulas) globally. Kendamil Goat includes our signature whole goat milk, sourced from European family farms (with natural MFGM, as found in breast milk and linked to cognitive development), our unique blend of HMOs (supporting infant immunity) and goat whey to match the protein ratios found in breast milk and supporting easier digestion. And we’re just as proud of what we didn’t include – no palm oil, soy oil, fish oil, corn syrup, sucrose or maltodextrin. It’s no surprise Kendamil Goat was awarded the prestigious ‘Grand-Gold’ award by Monde Selection – the equivalent of a ‘Michelin star’ for food quality and recognizing the unique natural innovations Kendamil have realized in this iconic recipe.

Kendamil Goat will also save families on average over $250 per year versus leading U.S. tolerance formulas, with a recipe that is closer to nature and closer to breast milk. “As a father, I’m incredibly proud of our wholesome, natural recipes loved by families across the world, who each entrust our family to nourish theirs”, said Ross.

Kendamil Goat offers a range of unique benefits for parents:

  • Natural: Made with whole goat milk, goat whey and natural lactose
  • Gentler: Gentler digestion through A2 proteins and smaller, softer casein curds
  • Immune support: Goat milk contains up to 10x more prebiotics than cow milk
  • Antioxidants: Goat milk contains 27% more selenium than cow’s milk
  • Cleaner recipe: No palm oil, soy oil, corn syrup, sucrose or maltodextrin
  • Closer to breast milk: Enriched with a DHA, ARA, MFGM, HMOs and prebiotic
  • European made: Made with love in Europe, to European standards

As a family-run business with 60 years’ manufacturing heritage, Kendamil uniquely combines our family values and parent-first philosophy with a world-class formulation and infant nutrition expertise. It is a ‘formula for success’ that has made Kendamil the reported baby-formula-of-choice for the Royal Family as well as millions of princes and princesses in over 45 countries around the world.

Kendamil’s Global Center of Excellence, located within the heart of the English Lake District (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), strives to develop the most natural, nutritious, sustainable and scientifically advanced formulations in the world. Our award-winning recipes are wholesome by nature, closer to breast milk and kinder on tummies, while our affordable and accessible (vegetarian, halal and kosher friendly) formulas are inclusive and accessible for all families.

Tolerance formulas are formulations designed and marketed to help treat common digestive intolerances (including gas, fussiness, spit-up, constipation) experienced in formula fed infants.