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Kendamil is manufactured in the town of Kendal, Cumbria by Kendal Nutricare.

Kendal Nutricare is a British family business and manufacturer specialising in the production of world-class nutrition products from early life nutrition to adult formulations. The factory in Kendal has been manufacturing infant products for over 59 years but only came under British ownership in 2015. The average tenure of our staff is 20 years and our Research and Development Manager, responsible for formulating Kendamil, has been working in the facility for over 41 years.

Generally, legislation may be prescriptive on protein sources and compositional criteria. However, it is a common misconception that all ingredients are the same. This is especially the case with Kendamil, in that we use milk fat as part of our fat source.

We use milk fat as part of our fat source in our formula which is significantly different to other formula brands which use exclusively vegetable oils for their fat source. We believe that by adding milk fat, which is a natural mammal fat source, Kendamil is by far the best formulation for infant nutrition as it reduces the amount of vegetable oils, we have to use to reach the correct fat content. Furthermore, there is emerging evidence that using milk fat as part of the fat source in infant formula is beneficial to babies with reduced crying and favourable stool characteristics (1).

Additionally using whole milk means we naturally provide Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) which is linked to cognitive development (2).

You can read more about the benefits of milk fat in infant formula in our Resource Centre or click on the references below.

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We use some essential oils such as sunflower oil to reach the required level of EFA’s in infant formula. However, it should be noted that we have never used palm oil in infant formula due to the adverse impact on babies. (3)

3. Padial-Jaudeneset al, Nutrients. 2020. Physiological Impact of Palm Olein or Palm Oil in Infant Formulas: A Review of Clinical Evidence. 2020 Nov

DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid. DHA is an Omega-3 which is a family of fats that are also referred to as long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs). DHA intake contributes to the normal visual development of infants up to 12 months of age.(4)

4. Kuratko CN, Barrett EC, Nelson EB, Salem N Jr. The relationship of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) with learning and behavior in healthy children: a review. Nutrients. 2013 Jul

We do not source DHA from fish oil but instead source it from marine algae.

KHospitals can purchase Kendamil Ready to Feed, 70ml in a case of 24. Kendamil is set up on NHS Supplies and can be ordered in Scotland as well. In The Republic of Ireland individual hospitals can order Kendamil directly. If a hospital does not stock Kendamil as an option, parents are able to purchase a starter pack of 6 x 70 ml bottles along with teats which are ready to feed.

All other existing questions can then follow with a change to the two questions below

Kendamil is stocked nationwide across the United Kingdom and in Ireland. In addition to our own website where parents can purchase directly, you can find Kendamil Classic in Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado and ChemistDirect. You can find our Organic range in Sainsburys, Boots, Waitrose, ChemistDirect, Ocado and Amazon. You can find our Goat range in Waitrose, Ocado and ChemistDirect. Parents can also find their nearest stockist using our Stockists page on In the Republic of Ireland Kendamil is stocked extensively in Tesco, Dunnes, Supervalu and Boots.

We are also delighted that we are now available across The US in Target Stores!

All of our Kendamil infant milk powder products have a shelf life of 24 months from their date of manufacture. Our Classic First Infant Milk ready-to-feed product also uniquely has a 12-month shelf life to reduce wastage, a key priority in Health Care. Once opened store in a cool, dry place and use within 4 weeks. Do not refrigerate and do not freeze.

We have never used palm oil in our infant formula not only because we know it is detrimental to infants but also to show our support for protecting rain forests, wildlife and indigenous communities. We also have never used fish oil in our infant formula, ensuring that our formula is vegetarian but also protecting depleted fish stocks.

Our supply chain has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry globally and finally we exclusively use 100% renewable electricity in our factory.

Yes we do. Please click on this link and it will take you to our sample request page.

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