The Lake District

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When other brands left the UK to cut costs, we stayed. Why? Because we rely on our world-class farms here at home to craft the world’s most natural baby formula.

We believe the best ingredients are those grown locally. We believe in supporting local family farmers and farms. We believe our children deserve a better baby milk.

Local supply chain means traceability, sustainability and knowing every step of the process, from farm to formula.

At Kendal Nutricare we are incredibly proud to manufacture the only baby milk made in the UK and to serve millions of parents worldwide.

Our Proud History

60 years of feeding the future

Our Values

No Palm Oil

Protecting our wildlife and indigenous communities.


Higher farming standards and animal welfare, no pesticides.

No Fish Oil

Protecting depleted fish stocks by using plant-based sources).


Our local supply chain keeps our carbon footprint low.


Our factory exclusively uses 100% renewable electricity.

Kendamil, Natural from farm to formula

Our Whole Milk Philosophy

Whole Milk Fats

Alongside our British heritage and other recipe innovations, Kendamil is perhaps best known for our unique inclusion of whole milk in our formula.

Whereas the industry standard is for the fat in infant formula to be entirely derived from vegetable fats, Kendamil uniquely uses full cream whole milk as a source of fat in its recipe. As well as bringing us closer to the gold standard of breastmilk with the inclusion of mammals milk fat, our reduced reliance on vegetable oils allows us to avoid palm oil and focus on more preferable sources of essential fatty acids.

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Our Family Business

Ross McMahon

Founder (and Dad)

With a background in Food Science and a career in food spanning 30+ years, Ross founded Kendal Nutricare with the mission of bringing formula production back to the UK and bringing pride to the town of Kendal by creating the highest quality range of infant nutrition products possible.

Dylan McMahon


Dylan (son #2) works within our Technology team, working to ensure that our website and media accounts run smoothly and provide parents with a positive experience from the moment that they first learn about Kendamil to the moment their littles ones grow out of our range.

Will McMahon


William (son #1) works closely with our Content and Creative team to ensure that everything we publish, whether it be a blog post or a new product can, is closely aligned with our brand values and company mission.

Jo Moss

Healthcare Development Lead

Jo has been working in the infant feeding industry for 17 years and believes that forging solid working partnerships with the NHS can make a really positive difference for families across the UK. "The uniqueness of this British Family business is what brought me to Kendamil and our traceability, sustainability and passion as a business motivates me every day."

Anna Lee

Paediatric Nurse and Medical Affairs Manager

Anna is the Medical Affairs Manager for Kendamil and a Paediatric nurse with 20 years experience in the NHS. With two young children of her own, Anna is very passionate about infant and childhood nutrition. "I am proud to be working for a British family company that not just considers its environmental impact and supports UK businesses but always uses the very best ingredients in their products."

Patricia Russell

Healthcare Development Lead

Tricia has 20 years experience working in healthcare, the majority of which has been spent working in infant and paediatric nutrition. "It's great to work for a family business who not only share my values but who also genuinely share my passion for providing the best infant and toddler nutrition products."

Simon Evans

Production Manager

Simon leads the Production team at Kendamil and is one of our longest serving members of staff. Simon has worked in the dairy industry since leaving school and is incredibly passionate about ensuring that every product that leaves our facility in Kendal is of the highest quality.

Steve McCann

Head of Research and Development

Steve has been working in our facility in Kendal for over 40 years and has watched the formula industry evolve over four decades. Steve takes great pride in leading the Research team and is responsible for our unique recipe which nourishes millions of infants around the world.

Luke Douglas

Quality Assurance Manager

Luke is our Quality Assurance Manager and has a background in Pharmacology and Dairy Processing. As the Quality Assurance Manager for Kendamil, Luke takes great pride in our BRC AA Quality rating and ensuring that every product that leaves our facility is of the highest possible quality standards.










Our Home

The Lake District

Kendal is located in the English Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to some of your favourite characters like Peter Rabbit and Postman Pat. It isn’t always sunny (or dry!) but it creates the perfect climate for our happy cows and organic farms. Regular rainfall enriches the grass with minerals that our Jersey cows munch on year-round.

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