A month of success at US healthcare conferences

Throughout October, the Kendamil healthcare team attended three key conferences, sharing insights and engaging with healthcare professionals about the distinctive qualities of Kendamil infant formula. Our participation in the NASPAGHAN annual meeting, the Food and Nutritional Conference and Expo, and the AAP National Conference has further solidified our mission to provide families in the US with high quality infant formula – made with our unique European recipe.

👩🏽‍⚕️ Building bridges with healthcare professionals

Our interactions with hundreds of healthcare professionals were not only fulfilling but also eye-opening. We’ve always believed in the quality of our product, but it’s particularly gratifying to learn that our brand awareness has skyrocketed to over 75%, a significant leap from the modest 5% at last year’s gatherings. This growing recognition is a testament to the dedicated work of our team and the exceptional quality of Kendamil infant formula.

🍼 A buzz around goat milk formula

A highlight from the conferences was the unmistakable buzz around our Goat milk formula. The healthcare community showed a heightened interest in this product, recognising it as a naturally sensitive alternative to the ‘sensitive/gentle’ milks currently on the market. Unlike other formulas that rely on complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, corn syrup, and sugar, Kendamil’s Goat milk formula contains unique A2 beta-casein proteins that helps form softer, looser casein curds in the baby’s stomach, enabling easier digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

🚀 Kendamil’s growth in the US

The past year has been pivotal for Kendamil in the USA. Making a timely entrance in 2022 amidst a national formula shortage, and following FDA approval, we have become the fastest-growing infant formula across the nation. We’re not only proud of this growth but also humbled by the trust American families have placed in us.

🌎 A global family

Kendamil’s vision extends well beyond national boundaries. Today, we proudly serve families and their little ones across 45 countries. Our journey at the October conferences has been another step toward a broader conversation about the future of infant nutrition.

😊 Thank you!

As we wrap up a successful month of conferences, we are invigorated by the positive response from the healthcare community. Thank you to the HCPs for their engagement, the organisers for a seamless experience, and most importantly, the families who choose Kendamil for their children’s nutrition.


A month of success at US healthcare conferences
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